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Some great press! Thanks everyone.

21.09.2009 - Posted by JB

Photo Your Heart

Photos by my friend Christine Lim.

21.09.2009 - Posted by JB

Look Around You

Here are all of the letters that were in the vending machine. Enjoy!


13.09.2009 - Posted by JB

In YOUR Absolut World

Here are all of the ads from the Your car.

13.09.2009 - Posted by JB

Here Kitty Kitty

Here are some of the ads from the Follow car.

13.09.2009 - Posted by JB

From The Start

I am currently above ground. Half-a-continent from my home. The San Francisco sun is trying desperately to push me in doors. But this shade will keep me calm.

The installation and party was incredible. I appologize for not following up on it right away. My excursion west began the day after the party. And... well... a much needed vacation.

When I return in a few weeks I'm going to be posting the ads that were written on, some photos, as well as all of the "love letters" that were distributed from the vending machine. :) Stay tuned for that.

I wish everyone the best. Ciao!

29.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Open Your Eyes

Well. It has been a long time coming. An installation below the ground. Lights! Things! Surfaced. I'm very excited.

First and formost I appologize to those people who couldn't get onto the guest list for this event tonight. In an Absolut world, fire would be extinct and capacity would have nothing to do with it. Unfortunately this is not the case tonight.

For those of you that are coming, I will see you minus a whole bunch of sleep. The final major portion of the install is happening at 6 in the morning. Oh man. Feel my pain. And then PARTY PARTY!

The pieces look good. I'm excited to see it all together today. :)


Link to map

The cost is FREE.

The times for viewing are... ONE DAY. Thursday August 13 2009.

Note: If you take the subway into BAY station, you'll be directed to the surface, and brought back in so we can control traffic. It is FREE to come back down. All of this will be guided by security so don't worry.

12pm - 4pm - Public viewing (anyone is welcome).

8:30pm - 1am - (19+) Guest list

13.08.2009 - Posted by JB

A-O.K. (i)

Well surprises surprises! They just keep popping up. *wink*

What is an art show without a party, right? The massively massive Mr Steve Aoki will be dropping a set on Thursday night down down down below the ground. So dancing shoes on? I suppose that's how it goes!

Absolut will be serving the finest in spirits... And Aoki the finest in fun.

There are a bunch of other secrets down there. But this one was too good to keep under wraps. Tell your mom! Tell your blog. Weeee!

11.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Four Days

Alright... For those who didn't figure it all out. (drum roll) The Location of the installation is Lower Bay Station TTC. The TTC has a third, unused line that was built back in the 1970s, and is currently unused. Come down, down, down. Below the ground.

Link to map

The cost is FREE.

The times for viewing are... ONE DAY. Thursday August 13 2009.

Note: If you take the subway into BAY station, you'll be directed to the surface, and brought back in so we can control traffic. It is FREE to come back down. All of this will be guided by security so don't worry.

12pm - 4pm - Public viewing (anyone is welcome).

8:30pm - 1am - (19+) Guest list (

The guest list is currently full. But sign up for the waiting guest list because we can't determine how many people will show. There is a fire-code capacity, so I can't guarantee you can get in. But earlier the better. Make sure you're on the list for the evening.

The night component will be a full on party party party. I heard a little bird said a pretty big dj is coming. Wooh!
Oh logistics...

09.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Flight Of The Wrong Chords

Oh under ground. Oh tunnels of love.

I've cut a whole in the heart of a sculpture I found. I placed the heart in a glass and it has begun to sprout a strange type of flower. It looks like a mountain on it's nose. It forms every colour. And and and. It knows.

Today I'm working on a bunch of the physical elements in the space. Painting. Cutting. Sawing. Pawing. I'm struggling with one big part of the installation... how to re-present your heart. Re: Heart. Giving. Vending. Receiving.

The installation awaits. Deep beneath. Deep breath.

06.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Where It All Began

I shot some video tonight. A little ode to Bill Viola. Water drops. Reflections. Pools.

Look Up.

05.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Go Up

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison

04.08.2009 - Posted by JB

The Cycles

Just received this in a bottle... (from JC)


Well said.

04.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Absolut Secrets

And now you see what I mean. Go beneath the surface.

04.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Abre Los Ojos


02.08.2009 - Posted by JB

Picture This

Oh yes.

31.07.2009 - Posted by JB

You Can Be You

Over a hazy NYC penthouse, I'm watching a panel of artists discuss the issues that arise when working with large brands. Sebastian Errazuriz (Chile) has been saying some pretty inspiring things. Absolut has created this environment as a chance to leak their new campaign to the blogosphere.

We've seen the history of Absolut's collaboration with artists like Warhol, Haring, Basquiat... and the more recent Kanye, and Zach Galifianakis. Absolut is launching a refined version of the Absolut World campaign which reads "Doing things differently leads to something exceptional." Keep your eyes open for the "Anthem" ad which launches in the next few days. It's very pretty.

New York inspires me. I'm getting far too many new ideas for this installation.
I saw a tag on sidewalk on the way to my hotel. "You can be you."

31.07.2009 - Posted by JB


I've landed in one of the best cities on earth. There is a vibe here. People are awake. People talk to eachother. New York City. It truely is a place breeding with opportunity. Everyone seems to know that. Chicken or the egg?

I spent my entire flight shooting video from above the clouds. Up. Above. It is one of the greatest human inventions... those sky tubes of heavy metals we so easily sit in and call planes. To be above the clouds gives such a perspective. My soul rests there. I want to fly.

Tomorrow I am off to the conference to learn about An Absolut World. I'm excited to see what they showvus. I'm with my friend and fellow blogger Johnny Hockin from MTV. Rad guy.

I'm off to have a beer under a NY setting sun. There is meaning under... a setting.

30.07.2009 - Posted by JB


I did a shoot tonight for the installation. Here is a peak. What else did you expect to pop out of the forest?

29.07.2009 - Posted by JB

Bottle Up And Explode

I've been receiving tons of amazing responses to the Message In A Bottle regarding opportunity and inspiration. I thought I'd share my top 3 so far. Please continue to send me them! LINK HERE --->

K. Top 3.


If we all consumed a little less, we all gave a little more and we all had a little more fun the world would be a better place.


You are exactly where you need to be.


If we keep our eyes open, we'll make it through the night.


27.07.2009 - Posted by JB

Woohs And Haikus

I'm heading to New York City this weekend with my friend Johnny Hockin. We're going to an Absolut event on Friday along with other artists / bloggers learning all about ‘In An Absolut World.’ I'm pretty stoked... and a bit nervous to lose 3 days.

The piece is coming along quickly. I've got a big meeting tomorrow regarding the final elements that I've recently added. I found a sculptued bust of a man in this wonderful garbage strike, and think I'm going to try to clean it up and add it to the space! Photos to come.

On another note, I just watched the amazing film "Meeting People Is Easy. A movie about Radiohead" And the inside of the DVD reads this... "If you have been rejected many times in your life, then one more rejection then one more rejection isn't going to make much difference. If you're rejected, don't automatically assume it's your fault. The other person may have several reasons for not doing what you're asking him/her to do: none of it may have anything to do with you. Perhaps the person is busy or not feeling well or genuinely not interested in spending time with you. Rejections are part of everyday life. Don't let them bother you. Keep reaching out to others. Keep reaching out to others. When you begin to receive positive responses, then you are on the right track. It's all a matter of numbers. Count the positive responses and forget about the rejections."


A clue for you.

It's so beautiful up here... I don't ever want to land.

26.07.2009 - Posted by JB

Message In A Bottle

I know I promised to shed light on working with Absolut... that is still to come. Shhhh.

For now... you will have to indulge me. I've created a little "message in a bottle" form where anyone can send me their ideas about opportunity, art making, the meaning of life, etc. My plan is to read these. Fester with them. Dance a little. And SOMEHOW incorporate them into my piece. Kinda fun? Check it out here (in this hard to read link).

If you don't like it. That is fine. I still like your words, your heart, and your cunning intellect. Tear me down or up. Up Up.

23.07.2009 - Posted by JB

What Is Best?

So I just started the book "Zen And The Art of Motorcycle maintenance." That's fine. Seems fitting to a piece like this. Very early on the narrator talks about the phrase "What's new" and challenges us to ask a more cutting question "What is best." Time to move the silt downstream. Is "best" just a matter of dogma? Indoctrination? Art school drool?

So here are somethings that inspire me as of late. Cody Hudson, Mark Warren Jacques, Maya Hayuk, hamburgers, The Strokes, anything that can and or tries to fly, the intro to the movie Brazil, and the sun (when it decides).

Alot of people keep asking me what it's like working with a big brand like Absolut. I will shed THE light on this tomorrow. Ha ha!

I noticed that the date of the event has been leaked via the facebook page. Hehe. Oops. August 13 2009. Clue 1 revealed. In the library with the candlestick.

This has been a neurotic blog post... thus I leave you with someone with which words flow like droplets to the heavens.

"Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms." - K. Gibran

20.07.2009 - Posted by JB

What A Wonderful Word

Just finished an interview with CFRB. Super nice. Super quick. I wish I could say more but this is a "pop-up" event. Wooh!

Today I'm making big leaps in the cost/production side of things. Finally got the ok on the concept, so it all begins now. I'm working with a really rad team of people to transform the space. Think dripping. Think dropping.

One of the biggest parts of the installation involves text. Oh glorious type. Oh wonderful text. I'm a bit nervous about using words as it can tend to conTEXTualize the work a ton, but I'm going with my heart. It knows.

Up up up up up up! Watch the movie Brazil. Stay tuned.

17.07.2009 - Posted by JB

What Will We Do With This Story?

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

William Shakespeare
- Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224

13.07.2009 - Posted by JB

Follow Your Heart

Installation. Install. Place. Space. Nice face.

The pressure is now on to finalize my concepts regarding An Absolut World having opportunities popping up. Why do things pop up? I feel like an Absolut world is just opportunity manifest. The pop-up is more like the real world. I like the challenge of marrying these two forms. Why do people love surprises?

Opportunity is about a moment. It is a favourable combination of circumstances, in time, generally involving people, generally in a positive light. The idea of opportunity spontaneously "popping up" eliminates the idea of "creating opportunity" (a common notion of our current world). Opportunity popping up assumes more-so to be about chance, surprise, luck, and the unexpected.

I kind of think that art making follows this process. Sometimes it is about creating meaning through layering or stripping of objects. But other times (and maybe my greatest interest), the most beautiful work comes from the most beautiful mistakes. It sort of "pops up" at you, and the meaning reveals itself. I call this... letting the art work.

I think the biggest challenge of the viewer in the space will be to examine what an opportunity looks like. In an ABSOLUT world this combination of everyday and fantasy just pops up. No questions asked. This is the chance to go deep. To take a secret path into the clouds. A land of opportunities. To find the meaning below the surface.

The space I've been assinged for this piece is amazing. I wish I could talk more about it. I think it lends itself well to this theme, and should prove to host a solid party at night. Hold tight.

Not too far away now... frig.

Feel free to Tweet me @JustinBroadbent to talk about Pop-ups, Opportunities, Absolut Worlds, Art making. I'm interested in other people's thoughts on Opportunities always popping up. Good or Bad. Word up.


12.07.2009 - Posted by JB


Just saw this... In An Absolut World...


11.07.2009 - Posted by JB

Explain Yourself

Meetings Meetings Meetings today.

Trying to hash out the "pop-up" part of the installation. BOOM!

07.07.2009 - Posted by JB

When You're Fine

I need to use this.

29.06.2009 - Posted by JB

The Op

Time is beginning to tick on this project. Right now I'm in the concept phase of creating. Interpreting "opportunities popping up" has proven to be quite the challenge. I've been focusing alot more on the idea of the ABSOLUT world... and what that means to me.

I spent some time today in the space where I'm going to be installing. It was good to sit and reflect on the possibilities for this location. I also met with a guy who is going to help me with logistical things... Computers and whatnot.

I'll blog more often. Word. :)

28.06.2009 - Posted by JB


Absolut Vodka approached me with the opportunity to create a one-day, experiential public art exhibit this summer (2009). The only criteria was for me to interpret the phrase "IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD OPPORTUNITIES ALWAYS POP UP." It's a part of their new "IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD" campaign. The location and date of the event is a secret. Wooh.

I'm going to use this blog to chronicle my process, ideas, and production throughout this project.

For more information please contact:
Jennifer Pyne or Sarah Bush
Harbinger Communications or
416.960.5100 /1.877.960.5100 ext. 264 or 224

11.06.2009 - Posted by JB