Imagination! Imagination! It's the game we play. A solid roll into the New Year peacing out the 2005 that brought Dance Party to life. An unforgettable New Years-eve put on by the famous RAD BAT trio. But now we look onto 2006 with visions of a Mates of State dance party cameo. Q-maj? Big ups to Bobby "Crash" who pulled a surprise entrance rocking the new Dance Party brand that took people by storm. I mean... could he have missed it? And Rita Remarkable made the trek down... a definite asset to DP. This was by far the most packed Dance Party 550 has seen. Stock is rising muthas. Oh and Happy New Year!

This Dance Party has been brought to you by Tyler... our lover.


Shout outs to the dance-partiers holding it down... down under. (New Zealand 2006)